The Sulô Riviera Function Ballroom image


Estimated Capacity

Manansala A&B 300
Manansala A 100-110
Manansala B 100-110
Picasso 50-80
Van Gogh / De Goya 80
Van Gogh 40-50
De Goya 30
Botero / Dali 30
Botero* 15
Dali* 15
Ben Cab* 15
Frida Kahlo* 12
Matisse* 12
Warhol* 12

The Sulô Ballroom Table

The COMPANY must settle full payment before the check-in date in cash or major credit card. Signed confirmation or contract must be submitted before the scheduled booking.All Incidental charges during the entire stay shall be settled thru cash or credit card only.
The Sulô Riviera Hotel does not accept personal checks upon checkout. However, corporate checks can be accepted once approved by the Management.Please pay in cash or prepare check payable to FRC Sulô Riviera Hotel Corporation.
We require at least five(5) days prior booking date for check payments, for bank clearance purposes. For Corporate Accounts with credit line – Send bill arrangement. Payment must be settled within (7) seven days from the date of receipt of the statement of account. A surcharge of 2% per month shall be imposed on overdue accounts. By way of confirmation, a Letter of Authority / Certificate of Availability of Funds together with the signed contract must be submitted before the function date.

Sulo Riviera Pool - Civil Wedding image
In this photo, April 4, 2011 Civil Wedding – An intimate outdoor wedding


  • Check-in time is at 2pm and check out time is at 12noon.
  • Non-guaranteed reservations will be released automatically by 6pm.
  • Non-appearance or no-show and cancellation on the same day will be charged a fee equivalent to a one-night stay.